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Gwynedd Family History Checklist

Gather as much information from relatives before you start your research and especially before you visit Wales! See here for more information about starting out in family history.

Names, dates and places: the more precise the information you hold, the better. Knowing as much as you possibly can about your Welsh ancestors will speed up your research.

Basically, family history is made possible by using governmental and other records. Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths began in England and Wales in 1837. Prior to the introduction of civil registration, the main source for information about christenings, marriages and burials are parish registers. The census has been conducted in the United Kingdom every 10 years from 1801. The first census to gather information about individuals is the 1841 census. As the census is closed for 100 years, the most recent census available to the public is the 1901 census.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, many Welsh people were Nonconformists, and their religious beliefs can have a bearing on the information you can find about them. See here for more information.

Wills, newspapers, diaries, religious records (eg christening certificates, confirmation certificates), passports, letters, military medals or service records, real estate records can all be used to provide information about your ancestors. More information about other record sources is available here.

If you intend to visit a record office, be sure to take a personal means of identification with you. A passport or driving licence will normally be sufficient.


A photgraph of a woman, 19th century

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